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First of all: I’m so thankful for each and every one of you!
In my classes I teach the things that I would have loved to know when I was starting so you don't have to spend your time researching and you can focus on creating awesome art and find new clients. 
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Ya tengo mi primera clase en Español! Y ahora todas las otras clases tienen subtítulos en Español y otros idiomas.
Learn how I use the super cool Procreate app on the iPad to create professional illustrations, patterns and even animations.
“Wonderful class which I have learnt so much from. Sandra creates easy to follow lessons and I love the brushes included with the class. I am so excited to start creating in Procreate now after a long time of not enjoying the app. She explains each step very well and has a great flow to her class too. Highly recommend watching this! I plan on watching all her other classes too. Definitely a five star review from me!”

— Nicola Jane (Student)
“Awesome class! I also like the cool tricks and tips Sandra provides. Especially the ones about adjusting the color palette and using liquify to clean up the sketch layers! Thanks a lot, Sandra :-)”

— Dannilea Haspen (Student)

“Loved the lesson! It was very well structured and easy to follow. The design and flow of the lesson was engaging and pleasing. Also I learned some bonus stuff. I was mind-blown when I learned I could move layers by pixel, I had been struggling for so long. Thank you.”

— Tina K. (Student)
“This was incredibly helpful with clear, compact instruction. I love procreate and use it extensively for my illustrations. Sandra gave me some more great tools to add to my tool box! I’m excited to integrate these new techniques into my design work. Highly recommend!”
— Nicole Lind (Student)
“Great class! Sandra definitely makes this doable. I’ll be working on my project and adding it here soon. I’m excited by the possibilities. Her teaching style is just what I needed because she makes it clear and actionable in small bites. I feel I can definitely do this.”
— Gabby Conde (Student)

“I love her teaching style - clear and straight to the point. Thanks, Sandra, for teaching us to create our own mock-ups. Saved me $$$ from buying online. :)”
— Airees E. (Student)
Traditional Media
Learn to illustrate in different traditional mediums: ink, watercolor, gouache and acrylics. And discover some special tools and effects, like masking fluid and gold leaf!

"Me encanta como enseña Sandra, y además es una excelente artista! Me alegra un montón que ahora tenga clases en español! Gracias ❤️❤️❤️"

Vivi Furlong (Student)

"Wow - I did not expect so much information. I'm very impressed. She was smooth and easy to listen to. The only thing wrong and it was minimal - I couldn't see the drawing of the leaves before she painted them, but I know the drawing has to be light so I understand. I really liked this class and this instructor!"
Jill McGee (Student)

"Wonderful. Finally found someone who has shown me how to get the result with watercolour that I have wanted to achieve. Thank you Sandra."
-Julie Dober (Student)

"Very interesting...never thought to use watercolor on wood before. I really loved the way the instructor presented the lesson step by step and showed the steps on her painting as she discussed them."
-Jennifer Case (Student)

"I really enjoyed this class. Thank you so much. I love using masking fluid in my artwork and you explained its uses very well. I love the nib pen idea and thank you for the tip! I will try it." 
-Kandi Heller (Student)

“I had so much fun with this class. The examples are achievable, cute and fun to do. I had to redo a couple of them, and I got surprised with how much better I was after some practice and some tips. The mixture of techniques, such as watercolors, pencils, pens and others are very interesting and not too difficult to incorporate. Great class indeed!”
— Suellen Almeida (Student)

“My favorite thing about this class is the demonstration of 3 techniques using gouache which shows just how versatile this medium is... After watching this class, it feels like the techniques are perfectly achievable and it makes me want to break out my paint box and brushes. Sandra’s classes are always a treat and this one is no exception!”
— Sophia Caldwell (Student)

Engaging, encouraging, easy to understand without unnecessary fluff. I've used leafing before but didn't know the method with the pen nib application.
-Ann Nielsen (Student)

“In this class Sandra shares her innovative, “non-color theory” approach to understanding the colors in your palette and to selecting harmonious color palettes for your projects. Sandra even provides blank templates so you can easily complete your own chart(s). Excellent class ... highly recommend! Thank you, Sandra! PS I have always disliked my tube of DS Buff Titanium; I think that mentality is about to change—love your pastel color wheel! :)”
— Jo C. (Student)

“Sandra Bowers explains the process step by step to make a really great acryllic painting... her explainations on the medium and the surface are really good.”
— Fabian Barreto (Student)

"I found this really helpful, not only in terms of the art work itself, but also the process from artwork to design. I'm just entering this area, and although I won't be using the CAD process myself, I did need to know a little about it, to better understand how to present my designs. So, thank you! A great class :O)"
-Holly Tomas (Student)

"Absolutely loved the exercises you provided. Those are so important -- experienced artists make line work look so easy, but it sure takes time to get the hand, ink and stroke to work correctly! Loved how you showed the stippling and how to add it to lines and heavier stippling. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, talent and ideas!"
-Cookie Schultz (Student)

"Succulents are great subjects for watercolor projects. I like the tip about tracing the outlines - makes it much less intimidating when your sketching skills aren't quite so great, like mine."
-Stefani Akins

"That was interesting! Very basic for those who have no idea what's going on (like me) is helpful :) Simple steps lead you to these small experiments with color blending and shadows :) Thank you!"
-Anna D (Student)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is the software I use to clean up my scans, create layouts, build my patterns and create final files for clients. Learn my tips and tricks on using it for illustration and surface pattern design.
"Oh, this class was so awesome! First of all, Sandra is just delightful and brings a lot of enthusiasm to her class. But all the steps for creating patterns (even with an older version of Photoshop!) were well-explained and easy to follow. The resources included with the class are really great as well. Of particular interest was the recoloring section--I've already used all the tools she mentioned, but had never thought to put them together the way she did. A terrific class and a definite MUST for any pattern-maker! "
-Heather Taylor (Student)
"This is a good, quick way to understand how to make patterns from your own designs. You have to be familiar with photoshop, though. But it's well explained and the little creatures are adorable! :-)"
-Claude Aimée Villeneuve

"Very clear & helpful instructions. This is very helpful if you are a newby in the surface pattern design business and want to create your portfolio."

-Sue Mason (Student)


"Wonderful. I learned so much and feel empowered to try this myself."
-Claudia Azucar-White

"Great Class for making a mockup and presentation sheets."
-Mary Thomas (Student)

"This is a very quick technical tutorial on how to get line work from paper to digital and to clean up any mistakes along the wa y. Once the line work is digital it can be easily recoloured or have effects applied. Note this class uses a scanner and photoshop."
-Sylvia S (Student)
Digitally Color your Hand-Drawn Illustrations

"I am new to Photoshop for my illustrations. I've watched several tutorials on how to digitally colour linework but this one I've come back to several times. Ditto the artist's tutorial on how to isolate the linework. She has tips I've found useful that I haven't seen on other Skillshare videos."
-Jess Hannar (Student)
Creating vector illustrations and patterns on the go on your iPad is really easy, learn how I do it in the Vectornator Pro app. Please be aware that these are for older versions of the App and I won't be updating them. They're still useful because the tools work the same.

“Brilliant! One of the best classes on Skillshare! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing new (and FREE!?!!!) (surely not for long!) program, I can’t wait to get experimenting!”
— Amber Ravenscroft (student)

“Thanks for a showing a clear and easy way to use this App. I’ve had it for a while now, but never tried it. You’ve demonstrated that just using familiar tools we can easily create original vectors, using an interface that i actually like.”
— Sand Oei (Student)
Designer Toys
Using polymer clay has allowed me to bring my characters to life in a 3D medium, learn how I do it and how I create molds and reproductions of my toys. 

"This is a fun and informative class that clearly demonstrates step by step how to design, create and paint a custom toy figure using polymer clay. The techniques taught could also apply to other types of clay. I recommend this class to anyone that would like to make their own unique characters."
-Karen E.

"Very easy to follow lesson, the perfect companion to the first part. If you were planning on selling little toys this would be a must have step for anyone needing to replicate them exactly!"
-Elanor Critchley (Student)
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